When a Government’s “Eyes and Ears” Improve Public Services

How do we ensure that public funds are spent efficiently and not mismanaged? In the State of Kaduna, Nigeria, the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation in the Planning and Budget Commission and Follow Taxes are working on a citizen-led budget monitoring initiative designed to track state-funded projects. The Kaduna Citizen Feedback App, housed under the Eyes and Ears project, has empowered citizens to become the eyes and ears of the government to oversee public spending.

In this episode, we learn about how we can inspire local governments to be more innovative in delivering public services and why incentivizing citizens to collaborate is critical.

Guest: Saied Tafida, Co-Founder of Follow Taxes

Co-Host: Aidan Eyakuze, Executive Director of Twaweza

Host: Stephanie Bluma, Chief Communications and Campaigns Officer, OGP

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