Ensuring Judicious Use of Taxes

At FollowTaxes we focus on using technology to enhance tax knowledge as a weapon against bribery and corruption; train entrepreneurs on basic financial literacy, record keeping and taxation; provide tax consultancy to start-up businesses that cannot afford a tax consultant; and follow the taxes collected by the governments to encourage civic engagement and ask elected representative questions on what the collected taxes are used for.


Tax Education

We are building the capacity of citizens and businesses on taxation to improve public revenue and service delivery.

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Open Governance

We are collaborating with government institutions to foster transparency, accountability and good governance.

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Civic Participation

We are increasing citizens participation in government via public enlightenment and engagement in local languages.

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If you are new to tax, you may be wondering about
how it works and what you need to do.

Well, we have got you covered.

Listen to our radio/podcast series on civic participation in local languages.