Tax Justice Network

To make a lasting change in society, FollowTaxes identifies that it needs to join into partnerships to work and create together. FollowTaxes believe that it takes the sustained efforts of many to create a more peaceful and just world. Our outcomes have always been successful because of the support and partnerships we leverage from our current partnerships. To further our strength, followtaxes joined other local NGOs in Nigeria to form the Tax Justice network and link our activities to the general activities of the Tax Justice Network globally.

The Tax Justice Network is an independent international network, that focused on research, analysis, and advocacy in the area of international tax and financial regulation, including the role of tax, havens. Tax Justice Network, analyses and explains the impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, and tax competition; and supports the engagement of citizens, civil society organizations and policymakers with the aim of a more just tax system.

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