Public Policy Dialogue/Town-hall Meetings

Taxation provides governments with the funds needed to invest in development, relieve poverty and deliver public services. It offers the solution to aid dependence in developing countries and provides fiscal reliance and sustainability that is needed to promote growth and strengthened domestic resource mobilization. The purpose of strengthening domestic resource mobilization is not just a question of raising revenue, but it is about designing a tax system that promotes fairness, inclusiveness, encourages good governance, matches citizen’s views on appropriate income and wealth as well as promoting social justice.


FollowTaxes through its strategic engagement focuses on Taxation as essential to strengthening the effective functioning of the state and to the social contract between governments and citizens.  By encouraging dialogue between the State and citizens base on the philosophy that the taxation process is central to more effective and accountable states. And that the improvement that begins in tax administration is expected to spread to other parts of the public sector through the provision of service delivery to the citizens.

It is against this background, FollowTaxes invites communities, governments, and tax professionals to a Public Policy Dialogue or otherwise known as town hall meetings to promote RESPONSIVE TAX GOVERNANCE. The dialogues are to provide a platform for Tax authorities, communities, constituents, professionals, members of the private sector and the media with the opportunity to discuss critical issues relating to taxation in line with the OGP principles. The dialogue will also create a platform for revenue-generating agencies to identify opportunities for improving revenue generation, sensitize citizens and share challenges with the view to improve policy and decision-making processes on tax collection and utilization in the State.


Our work around the dialogues is made possible with the grant support from the WorldLearning AlumniTIES grant, YALI Transparency grants, and DFID-PERL. 


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