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The Kano Town Hall Meeting

The Kano town hall meeting was held on Wednesday 13th December 2017. The participation was tremendous, questions, issues, and concerns were raised. The Tax authorities and the representative of Kano state government answered the questions and provided explanations where they are needed. Present at the event were the Kano State Government represented by the Permanent Secretary, State Service Compatibility (Servicom); the Kano State Internal Revenue Service; the Federal Inland Revenue Service; Kano state Road Traffic Authority; Civil Societies Organizations; the Media, Market Union Leaders, Traditional Rulers and other stakeholders.



Discussions were centered on tax laws, new and innovative means and ways of collecting taxes. The discussions were led by the representative of the FIRS and Kano Internal Revenue Service (KIRS). After a welcome address by the co-founder of followtaxes, the setting of ground rules by the lead Volunteer followtaxes Kano and the setting of the communique committee, the meeting swing into the full discussion. The members of the panel were each given 10 minutes to elaborate and discuss the roles of their organization. the panel comprises of the representations, Kano state government, KIRS, FIRS, the traditional ruler of Tarauni, The Kano State OGP Co-chair (CSOs) and the Co-founder of FollowTaxes. Citizens and taxpayers were given the opportunity to speak freely, to ask a question and adequate responses were given by the panel with some elaborations from the attendants. The permanent secretary Kano state on SERVICOM highlighted the importance of tax payment and pointed at locations within Kano where it is visible to see taxpayer’s money at work, areas of concerns were shared by the taxpayers and the civil society. And all the parties came to a level of commitments in a communique.

Commitment and Communique:

Commitment to taxation was informed by the discussions and need to address areas of concerns, the communique team included members from the relevant stakeholders. The communique focused on the need to simplify tax laws and make tax information readily available in a local language, ease of paying taxes was adopted as a core area to be achieved within the shortest time frame.

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