If you are earning income, and the year is about to round up, you have probably wondered if you could gain by paying your taxes.  The answer is unequivocally “yes”.  The secret is to know what to pay, where to pay, and when to pay. Follow us and we will help you clear your taxes with a smile and more money in your pocket.


The opaque circle and the lack of simplicity in legal terms that guide budgeting, and taxation and other fiscal process makes it an alien to a common man in Sub-Saharan Africa. This account for the difficulty in doing business and paying taxes in the region. These situations gave corrupt tax officials, quacks, and tax fraudsters the room to create a series of corrupt acts that characterize the tax collection and administration bodies today. As a result, we are poised with questions like: How do we open the system and encourage participation? How do we simplify the processes of taxation and build the capacity of start-up entrepreneurs? How do we follow the taxes collected to ensure that there is transparency in the funds collected? These questions we hope to answer through effective citizen engagement of followtaxes.


Followtaxes is a platform that educates taxpayers on and their rights and obligations around the budget cycle and how taxes are administered, in Sub-Saharan Africa. The platform simplifies all taxes information and the processes of payment to the common citizen and emerging entrepreneurs, who cannot afford a tax consultant thereby increasing access to information. The platform empowers emerging entrepreneurs through an all-inclusive training on record keeping and following taxes. Equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge to start and stay in business without falling victims of corruption that may end their business before they even start. We achieve our goals through the use technology to enhance tax knowledge as a weapon against bribery and corruption; the training of entrepreneurs on basic financial literacy, record keeping and taxation; to provide support to start-up business that cannot afford a tax consultant; and to follow the taxes and other collected revenues by the governments and ask questions.


We work in line with the Nigeria National Action plan of the Open Government Partnership. Followtaxes currently sit on the table as a CSO in the National working committee of the OGP National Action Plan and Members of the Steering committee of the Kaduna State OGP Action Plan. The project is supported by the YALI (USAID) and has successfully partnered with PERL-DFID, International Budget Partnership, BudgIT,  FollowtheMoney, Safiya Sickle Cell Foundation, Ilmi House, among others over a period of time.


The platform through its website host a good feedback and follow up on the level of impact. We provide direct questions and answers via the website, twitter handle and Facebook page of the site. We will establish a direct phone line to provide answers and support to the taxpayers and information seekers. Our goals and vision are guided by our belief that insufficient fiscal transparency in taxation undermine citizens’ confidence in their governments’ ability to get taxpayers to pay their taxes and may deprive governments of revenues needed to mitigate poverty and work towards a sustainable development.


Our ultimate aim is To lead efforts to improve fiscal transparency in taxation, good governance, participatory democracy and restore dignity in our public sector. 


Our vision is To simplify budgetary and tax knowledge at all literacy levels and improve fiscal transparency as a means of mitigating corruption and poverty in our countries.

To use technology to enhance tax knowledge as a weapon against bribery and corruption.
To train entrepreneurs on basic financial literacy, record keeping and taxation.
To provide tax consultancy to start-up business that cannot afford a tax consultant.
To follow the taxes collected by the governments and #AskQuestions.


Founded in 2015. Followtaxes has reached our online and physical clients through enlightenment and professional consultation. Our legacy has grown over the months, as we have built up a significant satisfied clients list. Followtaxes' success in reaching out to new audiences for education and consultancy, drew in tens of thousands of visitors to our websites, And within our early days, it had become clear that we had outgrown our expectations.

We to bridge a gap, by providing free information and simplify numbers to graphics. We use simple explanations, info-graphics and pictures to define the basic taxes; display how much is collected and remitted to the government so far; define basic tax payment processes and procedures and empower the common man with information so as not to be a victim of corrupt officials.

We have established a good feedback mechanism to follow up on the level of impact. We provide  room for direct questions and we give you answers via the forum, twitter handle and Facebook page of this site. We have established a direct phone line to provide answers and support to the taxpayers and information seekers.


Followtaxes is designed to improve fiscal transparency and curb corruption by presenting businesses and citizens with comprehensive materials so that they can learn about govenment budget and pay taxes in sub-Saharan Africa.


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