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What we achieved in the past year

The economic realities in Nigeria have pushed most states in to look inward for alternative sources of funds. This thirst triggered different clamors for the restructuring of the tax environment either through consolidation of State and Local Government Revenue Committees; invitations and involvement of consultants in tax collections and or overhaul of the tax authorities within the states. States has introduced the presumptive tax regimes, extra consumption taxes, and some road toll fees among others to harness the informal tax environment. However, the State has little or no inclusive plan to educate the taxpayers on the implications of the new system/regime and how it works, hence opening more room for opacity, corruption and friction between taxpayers and revenue generating agencies

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Followtaxes was designed to improve fiscal transparency and curb corruption by presenting businesses and citizens with comprehensive materials so that they can learn about and pay taxes in sub-Saharan Africa. By using simple and interactive platforms, we’re able to educate taxpayers on their rights and obligations and inform them about how revenues are accrued and spent. And since the people we’re trying to reach live in rural communities, we used a combination of local radio, leaflet distribution and community town halls — or public policy dialogues (PPD) — to communicate. Over time, we’ve expanded our offerings to include opportunities for people to become consultants on fiscal transparency.

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